Safety Comes First!!

Falls to the playground surface are the #1 contributing factor in playground injuries. They were involved in 79 percent of all injuries on playgrounds.

Is Your Playground Surfacing SAFE?

Surfacing material is critical to all playgrounds and ALL playground equipment is required to have safety surfacing.   All Around Recreation adheres to the guidelines as noted in the CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook.  If you suspect that your safety surfacing does not meet guidelines, please call us and we will assist you in determining your needs.

When selecting and recommending surfacing material for our customers we take into account many factors, including:
  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Age of User
  • Fall Height of playground equipment
  • ADA Accessiblity
  • Perimeter Edging options
  • Drainage
Playground safety surfacing comes in two forms: Loose Fill and Unitary.  

Loose Fill
Loose fill materials are typically less expensive up front, but require on-going raking to maintain required depths.  Organic material will decompose and migrate from the play pit which requires annual replenishment, again to maintain depths.  Examples of loose fill are Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF), Shredded Rubber Mulch, Pea Gravel and Sand.  Not all loose fill surfacing meets ADA accessibility guidelines. 

Rubber wear mats are a great addition to the play area when loose fill surfacing is used.  Used under swings and other moving play events, such as spinners, they provide additional fall protection when the surfacing is kicked out of place, exposing the hard sub-grade.  Rubber mats also prevent the geotextile fabric underneath from being torn and ripped.  The manufacturer Dynacushion by Pierceton Rubber Products, has a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your budget and project. Visit or click on their logo to go to the website.

Dynacushion LogoDynacushion photo

Unitary surfacing include poured in place rubber, rubber tiles, and artificial turf.  These types of surfacing are usually initially more expensive, but require little or no maintenance and have a life span of close to 10 years.   Poured in Place rubber has become a standard for ADA Wheelchair Accessible playgrounds.  When installed over a stablized base material, it provides easy access for users of the playground.

Please CONTACT US for a consultation on which surfacing material is best suited for your playground.