Shelters and Shade

Our Western, high altitude sun is intense! Stay cool and protected with a steel or fabric shade shelter.

Protect Your Skin!

We offer fabric shades from Superior Shade and wood and steel shelters from Litchfield, both from Superior International Industries, located in Georgia. 

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Shelters or Pavilions, come in a wide variety of materials, designs and styles.  From a basic square all steel shelter to a 35' hexagon with cupola and decorative trim, SII Structures has one that will fit your budget and style.  A permanent shelter can provide years of enjoyment for your park or school. 

Fabric Shades also come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Typically less expensive than the permanent shelter, a fabric shade can be very cost effective for a smaller child care center or preschool.  The fabric has a 10 year warranty and provides protection from the sun.  With a breathable fabric, the heat does not build up like a canvas material. 

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